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OpenStage 40 (Refurbished) - B STOCK

OpenStage 40 SIP Item L30250F0600C164/L30250F0600C108

OpenStage 40 HFA L30250F0600C155

OpenStage 40G SIP Item  L30250F0600C168 - currently unavailable in B Stock

OpenStage 40G HFA  Item L30250F0600C159- currently unavailable in B Stock


The phone OpenStage 40 is part of the OpenStage phone family. It can be used with SIP or HFA software.


This phone is also available as a Gigabit version with a 1000 Mbit Ethernet switch called OpenStage 40G; CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE IN B STOCK. 


Attractively priced, this full-featured speakerphone with optical call alert, five-way navigation and six-line graphical monochrome backlit display is an ideal solution for desk sharing, call center agents, or receptionists. With eight fixed function keys, six programmable touch keys and headset jack, this model is sure to be a hit.

  • "B" Stock refers to cosmetic flaws or marks.  Product is otherwise fully functional, clean, and tested. (photos of this product show examples of the flaws or marks and may vary on each phone)
  • Fully refurbished, cleaned, and tested
  • Warranty
  • G hardware supports Gigabit speed network connection (1000Mb)
  • Various housing colors (ice blue, lava)
  • Wall mountable

OpenStage 40 (Refurbished) - B STOCK

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