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Dave and Krista met at East Carolina University. After graduation they found themselves pursuing careers in the Washington DC metropolitan area; David in sales and Krista as a Government contractor.  Dynamic Telecommunications, Inc. was established in 1993 as a telecom company when David and Krista saw the potential savings that companies could capitalize on by purchasing top quality refurbished telecom hardware rather than having to buy new equipment.  Hence, they wanted to help organizations realize that they were capable of growing and improving their voice and data communications without breaking the bank.  At the same time, it was important to package exceptional customer care with the highest quality hardware equipment—a pairing that is usually not found together.

Since starting the company as solely a telecommunications hardware company, We have pivoted the company significantly over the past several decades and grown with our customers so we could continue to support and be their trusted advisors.  We still provide telecom hardware for customers who still need it; and for those transitioning to the cloud or other IT Solutions, we do that too! As we always have, we provide our guidance for free.  You read that correct, there’s no commitment from your end. There is no investment or cost to you for our Advisory services, ever. It's that simple. We give you the best vendor-neutral information so you are able to make the best decision for your organization.  We  guarantee this by connecting you with our Engineer, identifying the best fit from our 170+ Vendor partners, and helping you evaluate which best fits your organization. No pressure selling and no invoices, ever!

In 1997, Dynamic moved from the DC metro area to North Carolina where it resides today just south of Raleigh, NC.  Krista serves as President and oversees Partner and Customer relationships to ensure QOS is never compromised. She is the direct report for business development planning objectives, HR, training, internal IT solutions and ensures OSHA requirements are met company-wide. Krista manages all business processes and financial functions including accounting, budget, credit, insurance, tax, and treasury.

David's expertise includes more than two decades in sales and conducting business in the telecom industry. He oversees all sales initiatives within Dynamic Telecom and his customer relationships are the company’s most valuable asset. A sale is never closed without complete customer satisfaction.


As Vice-President, David plans and directs all aspects of Dynamic's hardware sales and initiatives. He manages a national sales force to achieve sales and profit goals and maintains a sales base of his own while directing the testing lab and internal warehouse operations. Dave also works with Krista to plan business direction and oversee financial functions including accounting, budget, credit, insurance, tax, and treasury.

David and Krista have three adult children pursuing varying degrees across the US and spanning the IT and Healthcare industries. They enjoy time with family and friends, travel adventures, auto racing (Formula 1), winery, distillery, and microbrewery tours, and being outdoors. They enjoy supporting the Tennessee Walking Horse industry, barn time and watching the family's walking horse show in the middle Tennessee region.  They have two certified therapy trained Labrador retrievers who also work at Dynamic as the door greeters, daytime security and are head of company morale.

Vandy and Stella are certified therapy dogs who spend their days off at the office. Coal (not shown) was likely socializing and missed his photo op.

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