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Procurement, Acquisition & Sourcing


Dynamic's purchasing function sources suppliers who can provide external solutions for internal business needs. We offer solutions in areas of direct materials purchasing, indirect purchasing (corporate) and contract manufacturing. Dynamic has been helping organizations improve supplier relationships and procurement processes. We partner to create a cost-effective vendor relationship that will contribute to your organization’s profitability. Your organization will reap the rewards provided by a stronger, more collaborative business arrangement with Dynamic and our Distribution Partner Network.


Paper Abstract

 Industries We Serve  






Appliance Accessories, Tools & RTO

Access Control

Automotive, Marine & GPS

Body Worn Cameras

Cell Phone Accessories

Collaboration Communication

Contact Center Conference Units 

Computer Peripherals & Home

Office Communications Hardware  

Cyber & Firewall Security

Data Center Networking

Device Mobility

Emergency Alarm/Mass Audio Notification

Facilities Supply Sourcing

Healthcare and Medical Supply Sourcing

Home Theatre & Custom Install
Houseware & Personal Care

IT Security

LCD/LED/Touch Displays

Medical Facilities Sourcing

Outdoor Recreation & Fitness

Portable & Personal Electronics

Pro Audio & Home Entertainment

Protective Safety Supplies

Rack, Cabling & Mount Accessories

Remote Network Monitoring


Security Software

Storage & Recording Solutions

Surveillance, Safety & Security

Unified Communications

Video Surveillance

Wireless, Servers & Networking


Serving Veterans Since 2000


I cannot match what my father, God father, and their comrades did for our country, but I can do my best to provide them with the best tools for their care and that of all Veterans who seek care at any VA facility that Dynamic is able to serve. -- Krista Kaminski


As the CEO of Dynamic, I understand the honor of being a Veteran, I am proudly the daughter of a U.S. Army Retired Disabled Veteran.  My company has worked with VAs across the U.S. for 20+ years, providing communications and IT hardware, as well as Facilities products and equipment, Security Software, Call Centers and additional IoT solutions. We are a well-founded company with a history of strong  performance serving Government (federal, state and municipal) and Hospitals and Facilities as well as public and non-profit Medical and Hospital Systems, Education Systems, Universities and Manufacturing Facilities.  We understand your business, its procurement model and how to deliver within your required needs.

In 2019, COVID surely brought us all new challenges - including the necessity to quickly deliver atypical solutions within tight timeframes with value and budget consciousness--we successfully delivered.  After one video conference call with procurement agents, we established new relationships with distributors to negotiate wholesale pricing to deliver solutions that included: stanchions, facility & warehousing supplies, video surveillance, a diverse array of healthcare, surgical, imaging & medical supplies, storage & recording solutions, PPE supplies, work from home equipment and supplies and much more.

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