About Us


Dynamic Telecom, Inc. is a small business by choice.  We have grown and evolved our business over 25 years by working with large and small companies, educational and healthcare institutions, government agencies as well as individual private enterprises.  Our team has a tremendous source of knowledge with first-hand experience and access to resources who understand complex communications and IT needs. We use our combined resources to craft the best solutions and value to suit each prospective customer’s unique business’ environment.  We ARE the “one-stop-shop” where you never need to look further for knowledge, resources, or assistance and we have flexibility and adaptations to solutions or project schedules, unlike most larger companies. We are also SBA and SAM registered, received certification from WBENC by the Greater Women's Business Council, and have a GSA contract schedule for clients desiring or seeking to partner within those guidelines.

Our Team is made up of seasoned experts who live and breathe Telecom & Cloud integrations. 



Prior to the founding of Dynamic Telecom, Inc. in 1993, David worked in the Telecommunications Industry and Krista worked in the Government sector for several years. Aside from their desire to reduce waste, they saw the significant savings that business entities could capitalize on by purchasing top quality refurbished telecom hardware.  As such, we wanted to help businesses realize that they can grow and improve their voice and data communications without breaking the bank.  We have a 7,500 square foot headquarters in NC where we re-manufacture, test, and ship our quality hardware products to customers. Since day one, we have been committed to providing exceptional customer care and building long term relationships—an uncommon pairing for the industry. 


We have been working with Telecom & IT Leaders for over 25 years and we attribute our success to the long-term relationships we have with our customers. We don’t just sell telecom hardware solutions anymore; we have grown with and evolved to lead our Customers as their legacy systems reach their end of life and transition into the Cloud via UCaaS and CCaaS or even a hybrid combo. Legacy software? No problem! We can do much more than voice now, we can tie it and IT all together for collaboration and Customer Support within your organization. We even have a revenue increasing Supply Chain Solution! We rely on our 200+ trusted Suppliers Partners expertise and provide each Customer with vendor-neutral advisory services based on your specific needs. We work with your IT team, often connecting them with our Solution Engineer, and listen to the pains and obstacles within the organization; then we help save time with the evaluation and research for different technology initiatives and solutions. We are not a “once and done” service provider; we serve each customer as though you are part of our family business because to us, you are!

We thoughtfully construct the perfect plan for your company.

  • Access to Unlimited Supplier Options

  • Secure a Single Point of Contact

  • Obtain personalized strategy & solution planning

  • Eliminate the pressure of quota-based supplier/carrier salespeople

  • Gain a trusted advisor

  • Develop long-term relationships

  • Recover lost hours

  • Acquire greater leverage

  • Focus on what you do best

  • Stay cutting edge on technology