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Pop-Up Medical Facilities = M*A*S*H 2020?

We keep hearing about the need for more ventilators, masks and other sophisticated equipment but what about where to treat the patients in need of all these machines? And how will they all run without surging the power grids? M.A.S.H, which stands for Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, comes to mind; albeit today's application is not Army nor necessarily Surgical. That said, the concept is not new and locations are becoming more familiar, again.

True to American spirit manufacturers including Ford, GM and Dyson quickly began converting truck and vacuum manufacturing lines to make ventilators for hospitals. Honeywell and 3M upped their production of N95 masks.

New York's ingenuity in expanding medical capacity so they can treat more patients with potential COVID-19 symptoms includes finding places such as New York Central Park, the Javits Center and the USNS Comfort. A “Clinics in a Box” is an example of a solution for these pop-up facilities.

We are several weeks into our stay at home WFH orders and still, we all wait impatiently watching for the curve to peak and it will! As soon as it does we will slowly start getting back to our "new normal." Without a doubt, this process will require a safe and organized process to provide test employees for COVID-19 prior to returning to community work environments.

I want to shine a spotlight on one of Dynamic’s Partner Suppliers, cbts. cbts is brilliantly deploying “Clinics in a Box”. Their Remote Access Clinic Equipment (R.A.C.E.) includes: a Power Generator, UPS power back- up, POE Switch, Cisco phone system, Meraki Access Point, Network rack, power strips, and failover cellular internet all delivered and ready for professional installation at a remote site. In addition to all their equipment, their provided generator will charge laptops, mobile phones, printers, and medical devices.

cbts' solution would be an optimal solution for pop up testing centers as we prepare and plan to get our nation back to work; the scale of testing will be large and this solution is ideal because it is temporary, cost-effective, relatively quick, secure and high value.

Learn more here - link - We can help connect you to the right resources in this time of uncertainty, email or call 919-577-2703. As always there’s no commitment from your end. There is no investment or cost to you for our Advisory services, ever. It's that simple. Dynamic is here to advise with transitioning to remote workers, Contact Centers, Telehealth, Microsoft Teams integration, and many other IT solutions.

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