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Let's Talk About Security...Night Sweats Aren't Just for Middle-Aged Women Anymore.

It's a talk to have openly and across departments to ensure nothing slips through our peripherals as a result of being "outside our wheelhouse."

Most CEOs, CIOs, and CSOs worry about ransomware and cybersecurity breaches; but, what about the physical security of our office buildings, warehouses, the data center, office server, or even desktop file copy compromises? How are lost or stolen access badges managed, are key codes shared, is a "found" post-it note with login credentials turning up in the wrong hands? Any of these can be as damaging as a cyberattack; what is the probability it will happen to you? Who are the gambler and big risk-takers here? Are you risking YOUR company and information or someone else's?

Physical Security versus Cybersecurity...Which is Most Important?

It's a trick question and the answer is neither! For that reason, physical and cybersecurity should be addressed together rather than siloed off independently. Much like many of today's IT functions and solutions, cybersecurity and physical security should be addressed as part of a total solution. Monitoring your company's data and file areas and securing work areas for safety is equally as big of a liability as making your network efficient, prioritizing your bandwidth, and applications are just as critical as monitoring your network's performance and routing 24x7.

Today's organizations need an agile infrastructure more than ever. Especially now, when facing the two tough challenges of coping with a distributed, mobile workforce and the increase of advanced cyber attacks. Pirate, Bandit, Raider, Thief... Hacker. As the times change so does the term, but the underlying concept is the same. You’ve got valuable data–maybe even only to you–and you’re willing to pay money to protect it or get it back if stolen.

Healthcare data can be ten times more valuable than credit data on the black market. This makes hospitals and health systems prime targets for cyberattacks. According to HHS, there were 477 healthcare data breaches reported in 2017 — more than one per day — impacting 5.579 million patient records. The problem has only intensified. In the first half of 2019 alone, cybercriminals breached 32 million patient records. This is not to say that other industries are not at the same risk; with these statistics, IT managers and CSOs in ALL industries must be forward-thinking and address security together within their organizations to ensure they are protected from ransomware, security breaches, and cyberattacks. POS systems are also optimal victims for ransomware attacks, making a wide range of companies targets from physician offices to the neighborhood liquor store and corner boutique.

#OpenSystems tells us, cybercrime has gone pro. Instead of robbing a bank, why not get the bank to send you their funds without them even being the wiser? Instead of stealing company data, what if you could just have the person stick them in a safe that only the criminal knows the combination to, then ransom the combination. It really is that easy. It is the Internet “Wild Wild West” right now in terms of cybercrime and it’s every user’s responsibility to be aware of the dangers and to take steps to protect yourself and your company’s assets.

Let's evaluate the greatest threats to data security and what steps to take to reduce exposure. Most of the current risks are in the changing patterns. Much of corporate traffic, for example, has been at the office in the past. Now many company employees work from home or even on unknown Wi-Fi networks. That is posing a bigger cyberthreat at this moment and if you have not addressed this yet, your organization is vulnerable. Current events have pushed the need for secure remote access from the disaster contingency plan to an urgent priority for unprepared companies. Now with everyone working at home on their own devices or LANs and when everyone comes back to work with their devices that were connected to networks outside the office, what could be lurking?

Dynamic teams with top-notch technology partner YourSix for physical security needs beyond the average door access locks. #YourSix offers a full stack of cloud-managed Physical Security as a Service (PSaaS) provider taking a white-glove approach. YourSix can procure all the required vendors to complete a security system installation from electricians to gate vendors and everything in between. Video surveillance, door access, you name it; they've mastered it and can monitor it in the cloud. They can do this with and/or for you.

For cybersecurity, #OpenSystems is experienced and positioned to help even the largest multi-site organizations looking to eliminate vendor sprawl and leverage managed security service. They are able to use any carrier and any connection type, including MPLS hybrid. OpenSystems' unified SD-WAN Platform has already integrated dozens of security, routing, and performance features into a simple to deploy and administer service, backed by AI-assisted 24x7 Monitoring and Support. Open Systems' customers retain complete control over the direction of their network and security operation and experience extensive ROI. In fact, it's possible you're already spending the time and resources but not getting the results you want.

Rest assured, no need to give up control and you don't have to break the bank either. We are very interested in hearing from you to see what has changed in your organizations lately and what you have done to remedy those changes; whether it has worked or not. We are in this together...give us a call at 919-577-2703 or email to talk with a solutions engineer, there’s no commitment from your end and no investment or cost to you for our Advisory services, ever. It's that simple.

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