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Adapting to TeleHealth as the New Normal?

Every week brings a “new normal” and we are waiting for the “eye of the storm” to pass so that we can evaluate what has really happened to our world after the COVID-19 pandemic. While we wait, there are many decisions and opportunities for evaluating the best options for your organization to use as a collaborative tool to keep your teams connected, and performing without the worry of security compromise and data loss. Should you consider Google Suite Enterprise, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx, a Contact Center phone system? How much time do you have to evaluate? What resources do you have to dedicate to charge this initiative? And do you have the stamina to tolerate the hard selling from each of the reps and their subjectivity?

“In the media, we hear focus on the need for ventilators, masks and other sophisticated equipment in hospitals; but in clinics and physicians offices, Dynamic’s clients have even more basic needs with the movement of seeing patients virtually through telehealth. David Kaminski, Co-Founder of Dynamic Telecommunications shared that he himself “just had a virtual annual check-up with his oncologist this week for the first time.” Also noting the scrambling of many healthcare providers to acquire headsets, wireless phones, regular IP phones, power supplies and other basic operational equipment for remote working locations. The more remote facilities pop up, the more non-traditional equipment and services will be needed.”

Dynamic has already done most of the heavy lifting; we have partnered with 170+ big-name technology industry suppliers. We DO have preferred partners but we are not committed to a specific supplier partner as much as we are committed to the right solution for YOUR organization. We like to remain neutral and help you evaluate each partner's solution to best suit your organization's needs and your employees' s/users' way of working. We serve as part of your IT team and strive to ensure we understand your pain points and identify solution providers so that you see improved team collaboration and customer experiences.

In the 4/3 issue of strategy + business Kevin Maney explains that “Telehealth for all could be the answer to healthcare reform. The Coronavirus is getting us comfortable with the virtual doctor’s appointment, and that’s going to ultimately change the entire conversation about the cost of healthcare.” Identifying the right solution can be a daunting task when needing having to do so during a pandemic.

Dynamic can help your company in this time of uncertainty whether it is with transitioning to remote work, Contact Centers, Telehealth, Microsoft Teams integration, Google Suite Collaboration, email or call 919-577-2703.

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