Product Support - Product support for all Siemens® /ROLM®, Nortel® and Alcatel-Lucent® systems is available via live chat or by calling 800-383-9229 between 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM EST.

Dynamic Telecom offers technical support with substantial discounts for customers who sign service contracts or purchase prepaid blocks of time for technical support. These blocks can be used over an indefinite period of time and provide lower cost service on an as-needed basis.

Support Plans - are designed to optimize the reliability and performance of your communications system. Our commitment is to provide you with the best service and support in the industry, but on your own terms.  With this in mind, we offer several support plans to meet your business’ needs.

Repair/Refurbishing - Why buy a new one when we can fix the defect and make it “like new”? Even if you didn’t originally buy it from us, Dynamic Telecommunications, Inc. offers reconditioning and repair services on most phones.

Training - Customers with a knowledgeable staff have fewer problems. Our relationship with the customer doesn't stop once a system is installed. With help from our professional training partners, your staff can be trained on how to use the system at the time of installation.

Installation Services - Dynamic Telecommunications, Inc. offers installation services for most manufacturers’ systems. All phone systems, voicemail systems, and peripheral components (i.e. cabling, network hardware, etc.) are available for installation by professional technicians.  As well as installing telephone solutions, Dynamic Telecommunications, Inc. can help you build and plan your cabling infrastructure, whether it is a new site, upgrade or expansion of an existing cabling system anywhere across the United States.

Maintenance Services - Dynamic Telecommunications, Inc. offers maintenance services for most manufacturers’ systems anywhere across the United States. Dynamic Telecom has strategic alliances nationwide to offer comprehensive maintenance services for all the products that we carry.

PDFs - We hope we have what you’re looking for!  If not, please feel free to call us and we will promptly get you the information that you need.  In the meantime, keep checking back and see how our library of information is expanding!

Other Services

Hosted Solutions - If a worry free phone system is what you’re looking for, a hosted solution is for you!  For a monthly fee per phone, you can have all the phone services you need including local and long distance service, call forwarding, voicemail, on hold messages and much more.  How could your company benefit from a fixed price telecommunication solution?

Local, LD & Internet Services - Dynamic Telecommunication, Inc. provides companies with wholesale local telephone services that include local, long distance & international access, as well as internet connectivity services.