Customers with a knowledgeable staff have fewer problems. Our relationship with the customer doesn't stop once a system is installed. With help from our professional training partners, your staff can be trained on how to use the system at the time of installation.

  • Promotes quality implementation.
  • Telephone etiquette.
  • Live classroom with your system prior to cutover of your system.
  • Separate one-on-one console training.
  • Separate contact center training with one-on-one for supervisors and agents.
  • One-on-one advanced reporting training for contact center managers.
  • Involves all employees and managers.
  • Train on new user commands.
  • Optimal size of classrooms is no more than 15 users per class.
  • Customer designed custom training by department.
  • First Day of in service support; answer any question, make or modify changes to system.
  • Customer training material provided for each user and application purchased.
  • TTY/TDD training customer tailored to the needs of each customer with custom TTY/TDD handouts.
  • Eliminates service calls due to user errors.
  • Training that covers all work shifts.
  • Follow up as needed.
  • Offer online help tools.